Tell a Story

People want to hear a good story, especially one that happens to be a video they are watching on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, or anywhere else they might stumble upon you. You must attract them within seconds and then allow them to have an inside view of your brand and culture. It’s time to document the experience, they way the people want to see it. It doesn’t matter how big or small of a business you are, a good story is a good story. Make an impact.

Distribute the Story

After you make the video, how are people going to see your video? How do you put it in as many eyes as possible organically and through paid advertisements? Every single person ingests information differently through various media platforms such as: Facebook, YouTube, Instagram Stories, LinkedIn, Email Campaigns, and the list goes on. We ensure your videos are distributed properly with a strategy already in place.

Distribution, Distribution, Distribution

We make sure to format all our videos in the appropriate sizes for social media, public relations, and various media outlets. It’s important to make sure you have sizes such as “portrait” for Instagram and Facebook stories. Your customers are ingesting media in all different ways, so we make sure it gets distributed properly.

Video Examples:

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