Facebook Business: Instagram and Facebook Ads

Facebook Business

As social media is taking over the marketing game, it is important to understand the tools provided to help assist with the promotion of business. Facebook Business is truly one of the best things to happen to marketing for any type of business. With the Facebook takeover of Instagram in 2012, promoting a business through each social media site is a breeze. Now that Facebook is in control, not only do both sites work hand-in-hand but Facebook also has the ability to reach millions of more individuals and has access to even more information. This data allows for the drastic improvements of mobile ads that are geared towards benefitting both the businesses and viewers.

“Everyone is a marketer with the right toolkit”

The convenience of creating an ad is incredible – one site that will push the ad to both Instagram and Facebook. There are different steps to follow before your content is promoted but they are designed to give your business the best chance of success. First you must choose the marketing objective – brand awareness, increasing engagement, boost sales, etc. The reason for determining the overall objective is because it will shape how the information is distributed and displayed to viewers.

One of the cool features is that your business does not have to have a Facebook in order to create an ad. The only requirement is the creation of an ad account. Following the steps in order you would now move on to the ‘Ad Set’ which is customized according to the objective chosen. The different options could potentially be formatting the audience, budget, and placement of the advertisement. Before the ad can be uploaded to the chosen audiences the ad itself has to be created. Again, continuing with the simple yet effective steps, you will follow guidelines for customizing the ad and then you’re done!

Although the steps toward promotion have been made simpler – managing the social media for a business can become a timely task. There is more to promotion of a business than just pushing out ads every so often, stay updated with all the tips and tricks from CRISP Marketing Agency!

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The Blog About Blogs

The Blog about Blogs

Oh, the irony is sweet. A blog created strictly to discuss the importance of blogs. The brief (or maybe long) snippets of information at a time that can add to the creation of a brand. Whether it be for a social media marketing company or for an up-and-coming business, people have curiosities and questions. All of which can be answered through a simple and effective upload of a blog post.

In today’s world we will turn to the internet to solve all of our problems before anything else. Word of mouth still works wonders, but the internet is just so much faster, and your business needs to be the front-runner, or you’ll get left in the dust. As far as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) goes, staying relevant with the changing times and using content that is updated will help you to become more visible to viewers.

The expression that comes through writing can present a clear image of the company’s personality and ideals. There are no rules and regulations for what topics a blog can be. A local restaurant may choose to share their weekly specials or upcoming events. A start-up company might want to give their customers insight to the inspiration that constructed it all. A social media marketing company might feel passionate about sharing the knowledge they have gained through their experience and want to help out other creators.

No matter what is chosen to be put out onto the internet, a blog is a crucial way to build a business’ reputation. Viewers are given easy access to a more personable approach of information delivery which leads to them trusting in that business. Social media and internet platforms are some of the main sources of communication between a company and their customers. The growth of a company will only thrive if they gain a large following. Taking advantage of all the resources will result in greater exposure and more connections with different individuals.

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Spicing Up Social Media Presence with the Must-Have Apps of 2019

Must-Have Apps of 2019

In order to keep up with your social media presence you must have the right tools to do so. Luckily, with the constant flow of new apps being created and improved, the utensils are right at your fingertips. Transforming an Instagram feed or intuitively promoting an upcoming event requires more than just a simple edit or basic text overlay. By downloading the best applications in the App Store, you will be on your way to success.

Producing high quality images is one of the most important aspects of presenting a top-notch social profile. The days of “all natural” photos are over, editing your images to improve even the smallest of details is in. With VSCO, you have the opportunity to take your photography to another level. The app is free for both iOS and Android devices and offers many easy to navigate features. There are multiple presets to choose from and you have the ability to edit the aspects of the photo such as saturation, exposure, clarity, grain, etc. With VSCO you can even save your most used edits as a ‘favorite preset’ to make the overall editing process even faster.

Another helpful editing app to keep on your phone is the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC application. The editing features are similar on Lightroom as on VSCO except with different preset options and can be used on the desktop (VSCO is going strictly mobile March 2019). For as little as $9.99/month there is an option to upgrade your app that will allow you to enhance the overall experience and image quality. Some of the features that can be part of an upgrade are the backing up of photos, selective adjustments, exceptional editing, and perspective adjustments. Lightroom can even help to save time with the sorting and organizing of images by having the ability to tag objects and people and then separate into different groups.

If you are looking to edit a video rather than an image, then Crop Video is the best app to help make it Instagram ready. The app features the options to position, resize, and rotate the videos. Importing can be done straight from a mobile device camera roll and all qualities are supported, as well slo-mo video. To mix things up and keep the creative juices flowing, you also have the chance to include text, draw on the video, and edit the background.

Transitioning into more organizational applications; UNUM, Unfold, and Google Drive are the top of the line. With UNUM it allows you to plan out your Instagram feed and schedule when you want to post, having set reminders when to shoot it out to your followers. Recently, having a themed and aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed has become more important to followers. Through this free application all the resources to maintain your image will be at your disposal. Along with upholding the balance of your feed, Instagram Stories have started to become a quicker way to push out pictures and information. The other free app is Unfold which will make all the difference with your Instagram stories. Various templates are offered to coordinate just a singular story or even a series of posts that will catch the viewers eye. Finally, Google Drive does not apply specifically to Instagram organization rather it is just a very useful organizer for any and all aspects of one’s life. With Google Drive you can save all types of documents in one, easy to access, place. Information can easily get lost in translation through the back and forth of emails but sharing and maintaining privacy is made simple through shareable links or the inputting of emails to grant access.

Being up to date with social media can become a timely task. Through our experience we have found that with the right applications, staying ahead of the trends can be made effortless. Don’t miss out on anything, click here to check out Crisp Marketing Agency for more tips to continue improving your social media skills.

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Facebook Events: Spreading the Word One Click at a Time

Facebook Events: Spreading the Word One Click at a Time

The days for old fashioned phone calls and mailed-in RSVP’s are over. With the help of Facebook Events it has never been easier to create, explain, and advertise an event to thousands of people at once. Marketing for any type of business has become an effortless click of a button.

Basic information about your event will be required before it is pushed out for the rest of Facebook to see. In order to stand out, an event photo or video must be included. It is important to make sure this will capture someone’s eye as well as provide some context as to what the invitees can expect. Event name, location, date and a description will also be asked in order to proceed. Facebook offers the option to add in a ticket URL, schedule, and to decide whether they would like to be contacted with questions over Facebook Messenger.

Once a Facebook Event is pushed out to the public it becomes a lot easier to increase engagement and awareness. When an event appears on the timeline, viewers will have the option to express interest, say they are going, or choose not interested. By choosing ‘interested’ or ‘going’ the followers of that individual will also receive notice of that event, resulting in a domino effect of outreach. The individual will start to receive various updates that serve as constant reminders for that event as well. The consistent, yet not overwhelming, reminders lead to an increase in turnout and ease the overall communication for the event.

Facebook Events serves as a simple and efficient way for business promotion. Whether it be for a DJ lineup release or a special event – advertising through social media is bound to result in greater success. To further expand your event, boosting an event is a way to turn the Facebook Event into an ad and will allow you to target specific audiences. The cost of promotion will be worth it in the long run when the business is able to connect with a broader group of individuals.

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Instagram Stories: How To Stay Relevant In The Feed

Instagram Stories

Instagram is one of the leading social media networking sites in the world, recently acquiring more than 1 billion users. Instagram is a platform that allows you to share photos and videos to be seen by other Instagram users and even giving you the option to extend your post to Facebook and Twitter.

Recently, Instagram has given its users the option to post “stories” which are just clips of video or pictures that are only viewable for 24 hours at a time. As a business, posting high quality content to an Instagram story is a quick and easy way to increase engagement with followers. The content that is being pushed out to viewers is incredibly important but also a simple task. Instagram offers many tools that aid in increasing engagement; geo-tagging, hashtags, polls, and even the ability for viewers to ask questions that allows the interactions to feel more personal. There is even an option for businesses to promote the story to be seen by a targeted audience – allowing your business to reach a broader group that have a higher probability of being interested.

Although most stories disappear after the allotted 24-hour time period, Instagram has designed story highlights that are saved to your profile. If a past story was well received by an audience, it only makes sense to allow future viewers to still have the chance to view that content. The highlights appear directly underneath your bio and is practically front and center when someone clicks to your account. This is an effortless way for businesses to showcase the content that they feel represents them well. Highlights are shown on an Instagram profile with a cover photo and can be labeled to easier categorize the information located within.

Another important aspect of Instagram is the option to enable push notifications. A person who turns on notifications is 3 times as likely to be engaged than a person who does not have on notifications. The top priority of a business should be engagement and encouraging their followers to stay updated is a way to boost their impressions on viewers.

Each time a picture or video clip is uploaded onto an Instagram story it should be taken very seriously. Social media marketing has slowly evolved into one of the main ways of business and company marketing. Instagram aesthetics and presence are relied on heavily for customer decision making, therefore each interaction will have an impact in the long run for a business’ success.

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Bar & Restaurant Marketing 101

Bar & Restaurant Marketing 101

Before going out to a restaurant or bar it is common to look up various places on Google or Yelp to get an idea of what might best suit your needs. The reviews that are posted along with the pictures of the menu will play a huge factor in the decision of where to go spend your time and money. Behind the scenes of an online search, there is a marketing team that works to have their business be the one that really catches the viewers eye.

Social media is an imperative resource to help with promotion of a business to potential customers. The first step to marketing starts with the most basic social media sites, Instagram, Google Business, and Facebook. There are constantly new fads and ideas popping up everywhere online, so it is important to remain relevant and updated. Staying active online will allow your business to be remembered amongst the hundreds of others that appear online. Instagram offers online stories that last for 24 hours at a time and can be a good tool to reach a broader audience. Ads on Instagram and Facebook feeds can be targeted to a specific group, giving more opportunity for it to make an impact on the viewer.

One of the critical elements in the success of a business is the reputation that they hold. The strongest marketing tool hands down is the word of mouth. Luckily with technology today, the word of mouth can be seen through an online review. Yelp is a well-known and commonly used website that reviews can be posted on.

” You have to play the game to win.”

They use an automated software at Yelp to “recommend the most helpful and reliable reviews for the Yelp community.” This shows that having positive reviews will really make a difference in whether your business is seen or not. This tool is essential in promoting a restaurant or bar, ideally having the good reviews outweighing the bad or there is another issue.

Finally, one of the sometimes-overlooked ways of promoting a restaurant and bar is the production of high quality and creative footage. Emphasis on creativity, this is the way to have your pictures and videos be distinctly recognized. A savory mouth-watering burger needs to be exemplified in such a way that the viewer won’t be able to think of anything else. Aside from the products being offered, the vibe of a place can easily be shared by a video that shows an inside look on what to expect. At the end of the day, customer experience and customer service are the top reasons why restaurants or bars have success. Through the entirety of the marketing process those need to take precedence over everything else.

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