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As social media is taking over the marketing game, it is important to understand the tools provided to help assist with the promotion of business. Facebook Business is truly one of the best things to happen to marketing for any type of business. With the Facebook takeover of Instagram in 2012, promoting a business through each social media site is a breeze. Now that Facebook is in control, not only do both sites work hand-in-hand but Facebook also has the ability to reach millions of more individuals and has access to even more information. This data allows for the drastic improvements of mobile ads that are geared towards benefitting both the businesses and viewers.

“Everyone is a marketer with the right toolkit”

The convenience of creating an ad is incredible – one site that will push the ad to both Instagram and Facebook. There are different steps to follow before your content is promoted but they are designed to give your business the best chance of success. First you must choose the marketing objective – brand awareness, increasing engagement, boost sales, etc. The reason for determining the overall objective is because it will shape how the information is distributed and displayed to viewers.

One of the cool features is that your business does not have to have a Facebook in order to create an ad. The only requirement is the creation of an ad account. Following the steps in order you would now move on to the ‘Ad Set’ which is customized according to the objective chosen. The different options could potentially be formatting the audience, budget, and placement of the advertisement. Before the ad can be uploaded to the chosen audiences the ad itself has to be created. Again, continuing with the simple yet effective steps, you will follow guidelines for customizing the ad and then you’re done!

Although the steps toward promotion have been made simpler – managing the social media for a business can become a timely task. There is more to promotion of a business than just pushing out ads every so often, stay updated with all the tips and tricks from CRISP Marketing Agency!

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