Facebook Events: Spreading the Word One Click at a Time

The days for old fashioned phone calls and mailed-in RSVP’s are over. With the help of Facebook Events it has never been easier to create, explain, and advertise an event to thousands of people at once. Marketing for any type of business has become an effortless click of a button.

Basic information about your event will be required before it is pushed out for the rest of Facebook to see. In order to stand out, an event photo or video must be included. It is important to make sure this will capture someone’s eye as well as provide some context as to what the invitees can expect. Event name, location, date and a description will also be asked in order to proceed. Facebook offers the option to add in a ticket URL, schedule, and to decide whether they would like to be contacted with questions over Facebook Messenger.

Once a Facebook Event is pushed out to the public it becomes a lot easier to increase engagement and awareness. When an event appears on the timeline, viewers will have the option to express interest, say they are going, or choose not interested. By choosing ‘interested’ or ‘going’ the followers of that individual will also receive notice of that event, resulting in a domino effect of outreach. The individual will start to receive various updates that serve as constant reminders for that event as well. The consistent, yet not overwhelming, reminders lead to an increase in turnout and ease the overall communication for the event.

Facebook Events serves as a simple and efficient way for business promotion. Whether it be for a DJ lineup release or a special event – advertising through social media is bound to result in greater success. To further expand your event, boosting an event is a way to turn the Facebook Event into an ad and will allow you to target specific audiences. The cost of promotion will be worth it in the long run when the business is able to connect with a broader group of individuals.

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