Instagram Stories

Instagram is one of the leading social media networking sites in the world, recently acquiring more than 1 billion users. Instagram is a platform that allows you to share photos and videos to be seen by other Instagram users and even giving you the option to extend your post to Facebook and Twitter.

Recently, Instagram has given its users the option to post “stories” which are just clips of video or pictures that are only viewable for 24 hours at a time. As a business, posting high quality content to an Instagram story is a quick and easy way to increase engagement with followers. The content that is being pushed out to viewers is incredibly important but also a simple task. Instagram offers many tools that aid in increasing engagement; geo-tagging, hashtags, polls, and even the ability for viewers to ask questions that allows the interactions to feel more personal. There is even an option for businesses to promote the story to be seen by a targeted audience – allowing your business to reach a broader group that have a higher probability of being interested.

Although most stories disappear after the allotted 24-hour time period, Instagram has designed story highlights that are saved to your profile. If a past story was well received by an audience, it only makes sense to allow future viewers to still have the chance to view that content. The highlights appear directly underneath your bio and is practically front and center when someone clicks to your account. This is an effortless way for businesses to showcase the content that they feel represents them well. Highlights are shown on an Instagram profile with a cover photo and can be labeled to easier categorize the information located within.

Another important aspect of Instagram is the option to enable push notifications. A person who turns on notifications is 3 times as likely to be engaged than a person who does not have on notifications. The top priority of a business should be engagement and encouraging their followers to stay updated is a way to boost their impressions on viewers.

Each time a picture or video clip is uploaded onto an Instagram story it should be taken very seriously. Social media marketing has slowly evolved into one of the main ways of business and company marketing. Instagram aesthetics and presence are relied on heavily for customer decision making, therefore each interaction will have an impact in the long run for a business’ success.

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