Bar & Restaurant Marketing 101

Before going out to a restaurant or bar it is common to look up various places on Google or Yelp to get an idea of what might best suit your needs. The reviews that are posted along with the pictures of the menu will play a huge factor in the decision of where to go spend your time and money. Behind the scenes of an online search, there is a marketing team that works to have their business be the one that really catches the viewers eye.

Social media is an imperative resource to help with promotion of a business to potential customers. The first step to marketing starts with the most basic social media sites, Instagram, Google Business, and Facebook. There are constantly new fads and ideas popping up everywhere online, so it is important to remain relevant and updated. Staying active online will allow your business to be remembered amongst the hundreds of others that appear online. Instagram offers online stories that last for 24 hours at a time and can be a good tool to reach a broader audience. Ads on Instagram and Facebook feeds can be targeted to a specific group, giving more opportunity for it to make an impact on the viewer.

One of the critical elements in the success of a business is the reputation that they hold. The strongest marketing tool hands down is the word of mouth. Luckily with technology today, the word of mouth can be seen through an online review. Yelp is a well-known and commonly used website that reviews can be posted on.

” You have to play the game to win.”

They use an automated software at Yelp to “recommend the most helpful and reliable reviews for the Yelp community.” This shows that having positive reviews will really make a difference in whether your business is seen or not. This tool is essential in promoting a restaurant or bar, ideally having the good reviews outweighing the bad or there is another issue.

Finally, one of the sometimes-overlooked ways of promoting a restaurant and bar is the production of high quality and creative footage. Emphasis on creativity, this is the way to have your pictures and videos be distinctly recognized. A savory mouth-watering burger needs to be exemplified in such a way that the viewer won’t be able to think of anything else. Aside from the products being offered, the vibe of a place can easily be shared by a video that shows an inside look on what to expect. At the end of the day, customer experience and customer service are the top reasons why restaurants or bars have success. Through the entirety of the marketing process those need to take precedence over everything else.

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