A new phenomenon that may come up in conversation or possibly pop up in a random ad online is cryotherapy, specifically at iCRYO. At first glance it may seem like a new “helpful” fad that will eventually dissipate into a faint memory and be replaced by the next trend. Wrong. Cryotherapy has been used by thousands of individuals who swear by the therapeutic benefits that you can also obtain from the treatments at iCRYO.

In simpler terms, cryotherapy is basically a process that exposes your body to freezing temperatures for 2-3 minutes at a time. During this short time your central nervous system will react to the freezing temperatures as if your body was in critical danger. This then triggers recovery procedures to set in motion; blood circulation will improve, natural anti-inflammatories will begin to work, and serotonin and endorphins are produced.

This method is a far cry from new, dating back to the Egyptian times, we as humans have used cold cure as a source of treatment for aches and pains. In more recent years, about 30 years ago, whole body cryotherapy was invented. Since that time there has been lots of research and hard work put in to ensure that costumers have the best experience possible. The reasons for participating in cryotherapy include benefits such as pain relief, boosted muscle recovery, weight loss, reduction of inflammation, skin rejuvenation, and stress relief. The reaction your body will have to the sensation of extremely cold temperatures will allow various actions to take place that will be of value both in the short term and long term.

Individuals from all different backgrounds have experienced cryotherapy and the best have experienced it with iCRYO. At iCRYO you will be able to enjoy an affordable, convenient, and professional cryotherapy center. With options of whole body cryotherapy, iCRYO facials, and local (targeted) cryotherapy there is a little something for everyone. Whether you’re a local athlete, mom of five, military veteran, or even Ellen DeGeneres – iCRYO sessions could be the next best thing you never realized you needed. Feel free to check out all of the iCRYO social medias so you never miss out!

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